cns 0.1.1

Search through Rust crates without leaving the terminal.
cns-0.1.1 is not a library.

crate name search

Search through Rust crates without leaving the terminal.

Get a quick summary, compare different crates, quickly open crate repositories and documentation in the browser, copy Cargo.toml dependency lines to clipboard, and more.

cns supports composite queries of categories, keywords, strings, and sorts:

# get sudoku games with most recent downloads
cat=games sudoku sort=rdl
# see what's new in the web development space
key=web sort=new
# look for actively maintained socket programming libraries
socket sort=update
# see the most popular crate search apps
key=crates search sort=dl 

How to install cns

cargo install cns


git clone
cd ./cns
cargo run --release

How to use cns

.----.----.---.-.|  |_.-----.
|  __|   _|  _  ||   _|  -__|
|____|__| |___._||____|_____|
|     |  _  |        |  -__|
.-----.-----.---.-.----.----.|  |--.
|__ --|  -__|  _  |   _|  __||     |
|_____|_____|___._|__| |____||__|__|

<C-h> toggle this help window

# search mode
<C-s> clear input
<Enter> perform the search and focus the results block
<Escape> | <C-r> focus the results block
<C-q> | <C-c> quit

# results mode
<Escape> | <C-s> focus the search bar
<k>, <j>, <up>, <down> move up and down the results
<h>, <l>, <left>, <right> move left and right between result tabs
<C-u>, <C-d> scroll up and down the readme view
<C-g> go to documentation (browser)
<C-r> go to repository (browser)
<Enter> go to crate (browser)
<c> copy Cargo.toml dependency line to clipboard
<x> copy clone+compile+run one-liner to clipboard
<C-q> | <C-c> | <q> quit

Disable registry summary

Pass --no-summary argument when running cns if you don't want to load a registry summary on application startup.