cloudflare-systems-assignment 0.2.2

A solution to cloudflare's systems engineering assignment in Rust
cloudflare-systems-assignment-0.2.2 is not a library.

Systems Assignment 🦀 status status


  • Clone the repo ⬇️ using git clone
  • You would need Rust installed, best way to do that is the rustup route:
  • That's it!

How to run:

Convieniently this crate is published on so you could pull it from there, however, if you want to run it locally simply run:

cargo run -- --url <URL> --profile <NUMBER>

(Note, you can also add the --release flag to run an optimized version of the crate)

And it would run NUMBER of HTTP get requests against URL, and present you with results.

See the response

In addition to the profiling data, if you'd like to see the response of a request, simply omit the --profile. I chose not to show the responses when we profile as that would just clutter the stdout.

i.e, if you run cargo run -- --url it will print out the response

Example outputs:

  • When running cargo run --release -- --url --profile 10: Profile of running requests against Cloudflare
  • When running cargo run --release -- --url --profile 10 Profile of running requests against random cat images

It seems that the cloudflare website is pretty darn fast 🥳


This is a project solving an optional assignment from cloudflare and thus is licensed using the same license. Check it out in LICENSE