chrootable-https 0.1.1

Sandbox friendly https client

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If you ever tried chrooting an https client into an empty folder you probably ran into two problems:

  • /etc/resolv.conf doesn't exist in an empty folder
  • ca-certificates doesn't exist in an empty folder

This crate is working around those issues by using:

  • trust-dns so the recursor can be specified expliticly
  • rustls and webpki-roots to avoid loading certificates from disk

We're also trying to avoid C dependencies and stick to safe rust as much as possible.


extern crate chrootable_https;
use chrootable_https::{Resolver, Client};

let resolver = Resolver::cloudflare();
let client = Client::new(resolver);

let reply = client.get("").expect("request failed");
println!("{:#?}", reply);