chi 0.0.1

A safe, understandable, & lightning-fast distributed version control system (DVCS).
chi-0.0.1 is not a library.


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A safe, understandable, & lightning-fast distributed version control system (DVCS).


High level project goals:

  • address common criticism with Git's user interface
  • scale seamlessly to repositories that are hundreds of gigabytes in size
  • be fast


Not ready for usage. Very open to collaboration if anyone else is interested in working on this project with me!

Currently the init and add commands somewhat function, and I'm working on the commit command. Afterwards I'm planning to refactor the add command, as I want to take more inspiration from the gitless conceptual model and abolish the concept of a staging area in favor of "tracking" and "untracking".




Static Binaries (Linux)

Static binary builds (currently for Linux only) are available on the GitHub releases page. Simply download the binary for your platform and run it!

Builds for other platforms are planned.

Cargo Install (any platform)

Build and install the tool via cargo...

$ cargo install chi

From Package Manager

Chi has been added to a few package managers:

  • Arch Linux AUR: TODO
  • macOS Homebrew: TODO

From Source (any platform)

Chi requires at least Rust 1.31.

Debug build with logging enabled:

$ cargo build --features logging

Release build without logging:

$ cargo build --release

To enable the log output, set the RUST_LOG env variable:

$ export RUST_LOG=chi=debug


  • Bash: TODO
  • Fish: copy fish_chi to ~/.config/fish/completions/


To run tests:

$ cargo test

To run lints:

$ rustup component add clippy
$ cargo clean && cargo clippy


Chi is licensed under the MIT license.