catbox 0.8.1

Implementation of's API
Unofficial command line tool and library for using []('s API.

For the library documentation, see [Github Pages](

# Install

See the [GitHub Releases page]( for the latest Linux and Windows builds of the command line tool.

You can compile and install the command line tool with Cargo:
cargo install catbox

To use the library in your project, add the repo to your Cargo.toml:
catbox = "*"

# Usage

Use `catbox --help` to see usage.

Catbox has the following commands:
- upload: Upload a file or URL to Catbox.
- delete: Delete files
- album: Album commands
- litter: Upload a temporary file to Litterbox.

If user hash is not given for `upload`, the files will be uploaded anonymously.
Deleting files requires that user hash was given.

The `album` subcommand has additional subcommands:
- create: Create a new album
- delete: Delete an album
- edit: Edit an album
- add: Add files to an album
- remove: Remove files from an album

All album commands except `create` require an user hash.

You can use `--help` on any command to see information about its usage.

The basic `upload` command will work with both local files and URLs to files hosted somewhere else.

Some commands require an account hash to work. This can be supplied using
the `--user` argument or by setting `CATBOX_USER_HASH` environment value.
The explicitly provided argument will be preferred over the environment variable.
If the environment variable is set, it will be used even when optional.

All commands print the response from the server, usually a link to the created file or album.

See <> for more information about the API and
<> for allowed filetypes and content.

Consider donating via <> to help with server costs.

# Examples

Upload a file:
catbox upload cute_picture.png

Upload multiple files:
catbox upload *.jpg  # Upload all jpg files
catbox upload image.png file.txt  # Upload image.png and file.txt

Delete a file:
catbox delete abc123.jpg --user 1234567890123456789012345
catbox delete  # Or just 123456.png

Create an album:
catbox album create --title 'My album' --desc 'An excellent album' abc123.jpg def456.png

The user argument is not needed if `CATBOX_USER_HASH` is found in environment.

Upload a file to Litterbox for 3 days:
catbox litter --time 72h