caser 1.0.0

Change text between PascalCase, camelCase, and snake_case


Change text between PascalCase, camelCase, and snake_case.

Can be used as a library or a command-line program.

CLI Usage

Usage: caser CASE term [terms]

Where CASE is one of pascal, camel, or snake.

For reference:

ThisIsPascalCase thisIsCamelCase this_is_snake_case

Terms are converted and printed one per line.

Example: caser snake ConvertToSnakeCase would print convert_to_snake_case.

Library Usage

To use as a library, use one of the Case variants to convert a &str.

assert_eq!(caser::Case::SnakeCase.transform("PascalToSnake"), "pascal_to_snake")

Intent & See Also

This program is meant to be a simple get-the-job done utility.

If you need something more substantial, you might consider change-case or, heck, heck.