cargo-ruspiro-push 0.1.1

Cargo tool to push new RusPiRo Kernel's from the development machine (PC) to the Raspberry Pi if connected through a serial port.
cargo-ruspiro-push-0.1.1 is not a library.

RusPiRo Push

This cargo tool allows to push new RuspiRo kernel images to the Rapsberry Pi assuming the receiving bare metal kernel Bootloader is running there and it is connected through a serial port to the development machine.


Use cargo to install this subcommand:

$> cargo install cargo-ruspiro-push

Once done you could call the tool like so:

$> cargo ruspiro-publish -k <image_file> -p <serial_port>

The target architecture will be derived from the filename. kernel7.img will be handled as Aarch32 and kernel8.img will handled as Aarch64 target. For any other file name you need to provide the desired target architecture of the kernel file to be transfered using the -a flag. Use the --help flag to see all available options for this command:

$> cargo ruspiro-push --help
Push a kernel image to Raspberry Pi 0.1.0
André Borrmann <>
Send kernel files to raspberry Pi running RusPiRo Bootloader

    cargo-ruspiro-push.exe [OPTIONS] --kernel <FILENAME> --port <PORT_NAME> [ruspiro-push]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -a, --aarch <32 | 64>      Kernel architecture mode 32 for aarch32 or 64 for aarch64
    -k, --kernel <FILENAME>    Kernel filename (+path) to be uploaded to RPi
    -p, --port <PORT_NAME>     Serial Port Name to use for communication (e.g. 'COM5' on Windows machine)



Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0, (LICENSE or