caniuse-rs 0.1.3

A command line client for, written in Rust.
caniuse-rs-0.1.3 is not a library.


A Rust client for


It pulls data from and caches it locally, in a transformed JSON structure that is easier to reason about. It will update data on next run after 24 hours since last update. Fuzzy finder is built using skim.


To install, run cargo install caniuse-rs. The installed binary is named caniuse.

Alfred Workflow

You can use this as an Alfred workflow on MacOS by downloading the *.alfredworkflow file from the latest release and double-clicking the file from Finder once downloaded.


Run caniuse by itself to open the fuzzy finder, then enter a search query to fuzzy find what you're looking for. Pressing enter will open the selected item. If no items match, pressing enter will search for the query you've typed by opening{query}.


To dump the data instead of fuzzy finding, you can run caniuse --dump which will simply output the currently cached JSON data that is being used. To pretty-print it, you can run caniuse --dump --pretty.

To force update the cached data, you can run caniuse --update.