built 0.4.4

Provides a crate with information from the time it was built.

built provides a crate with information from the time it was built.

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built is used as a build-time dependency to collect various information about the build environment and serialize it into the final crate. The information collected by built include:

  • Various metadata like version, authors, homepage etc. as set by Cargo.toml
  • The tag or commit id if the crate was being compiled from within a git repo.
  • The values of various cfg!, like target_os and target_arch.
  • The features the crate was compiled with.
  • The various dependencies, dependencies of dependencies and their versions cargo ultimately chose to compile.
  • The presence of a CI-platform like Travis CI and AppVeyor.
  • The used compiler and it's version; the used documentation generator and it's version.

See the example or the docs for more information.

// In build.rs

fn main() {
    built::write_built_file().expect("Failed to acquire build-time information")
// In lib.rs or main.rs

pub mod built_info {
    include!(concat!(env!("OUT_DIR"), "/built.rs"));

    "This is version {}, built for {} by {}.",

match built_info::CI_PLATFORM {
    None => print!("It seems I've not been built on a continuous integration platform,"),
    Some(ci) => print!("I've been built on CI-platform {},", ci),

if built::util::detect_ci().is_some() {
    println!(" but I'm currently executing on one!");
} else {
    println!(" and I'm currently not executing on one!");


This is version 0.1.0, built for x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu by rustc 1.43.1 (8d69840ab 2020-05-04).

I was built from git 0.4.1-10-gca2af4f, commit ca2af4f11bb8f4f6421c4cccf428bf4862573daf; the working directory was "dirty". The branch was refs/heads/master.

I was built for a x86_64-CPU, which is a little-endian architecture. I was compiled to run on linux (a unix-breed) and my runtime should be gnu.

It seems I've not been built on a continuous integration platform, and I'm currently not executing on one!

I was built with profile "debug", features "" on 2020-05-27 20:14:38 +02:00 (1 seconds ago) using autocfg 1.0.0, bitflags 1.2.1, built 0.4.1, cargo-lock 4.0.1, cc 1.0.54, cfg-if 0.1.10, chrono 0.4.11, example_project 0.1.0, git2 0.13.6, idna 0.2.0, jobserver 0.1.21, libc 0.2.71, libgit2-sys 0.12.6+1.0.0, libz-sys 1.0.25, log 0.4.8, matches 0.1.8, num-integer 0.1.42, num-traits 0.2.11, percent-encoding 2.1.0, pkg-config 0.3.17, proc-macro2 1.0.17, quote 1.0.6, semver 0.10.0, semver 0.9.0, semver-parser 0.7.0, serde 1.0.110, serde_derive 1.0.110, smallvec 1.4.0, syn 1.0.25, time 0.1.43, toml 0.5.6, unicode-bidi 0.3.4, unicode-normalization 0.1.12, unicode-xid 0.2.0, url 2.1.1, vcpkg 0.2.8, winapi 0.3.8, winapi-i686-pc-windows-gnu 0.4.0, winapi-x86_64-pc-windows-gnu 0.4.0