brr 0.0.14

Use a cloud build farm to make rust builds fast.


A dead-simple, ultra-fast build farm for Rust


Brr is the Buildrecall CLI. If you're not familiar with Buildrecall, we make your builds run really fast.


  • 48 CPU cores, 192 GiB RAM
  • Starts your build incrementally while you're programming.
  • Use your existing CI, just replaces your build step.


cargo install brr


Login to Buildrecall with a bash-history safe token you can get here.

brr login <token>

Attach a build farm to a repository on your local development environment.

# ./my-rust-project
brr attach my-rust-project

Create a job you'd like to run in the buildrecall.toml that was just created:

name = 'my-rust-project'

name = "mybuild"
run = "cargo build --release"
artifacts = ["target"]

Run your job:

brr run mybuild

In your CI (such as Github Actions), add a BUILDRECALL_API_KEY environment variable (you can get a key here), and then you don't need to login:

BUILDRECALL_API_KEY=my_secret_key brr run mybuild