botfair 0.2.1

rust bindings for Betfair's SportsAPING


Rust bindings for the Betfair SportsAPING. Automatic login. Coming soon: automatic keep-alive. - main repository - github repo, for PRs etc


Daniel Edgecumbe (esotericnonsense)


Note that botfair requires your certificate to be in pfx format. In order to achieve this given a key and crt file, you can use the following openssl command:

openssl pkcs12 -export -out client.pfx \
    -inkey client.key -in client.crt

botfair assumes no password protection for the pfx file.

let bf_creds = BFCredentials::new(

let bf_client = BFClient::new(

// This is all rather verbose at the moment.
// What will the future bring?
let market_filter = MarketFilter {
    textQuery: None,
    exchangeIds: None,
    eventTypeIds: None,
    eventIds: None,
    competitionIds: None,
    marketIds: None,
    venues: None,
    bspOnly: None,
    turnInPlayEnabled: None,
    inPlayOnly: None,
    marketBettingTypes: None,
    marketCountries: None,
    marketTypeCodes: None,
    marketStartTime: None,
    withOrders: None,
    raceTypes: None,

// List ten arbitrary markets
let catalogues: Vec<MarketCatalogue> =
    bf_client.listMarketCatalogue(market_filter, None, None, 10, None)?;

println!("{:?}", catalogues);

Generating the bindings

If you just want to use the crate, you can skip this section as the bindings are already present.

To re-generate the bindings from the Betfair XML documentation, you will need to cd genapi; ./ which fetches the documentation from Betfair's servers and runs a python script on them to generate the Rust bindings.


For open source software, botfair is subject to the GNU AGPLv3, contained in the document LICENSE.AGPLv3 which should be distributed with the software.

This means that you need to licence your software under the same terms. In particular, this means that software that makes use of this library must make available its' source code to the users of said software, whether that software is interacted with over a network or by the end users directly.

For closed source software, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the author.

For paid support, licensing queries, or general banter, please use the below contact details: