bevy_mod_picking 0.4.0

A 3D mouse picking and raycasting plugin for Bevy.
# 3D Mouse Picking for Bevy

[![Bevy tracking](](

A [Bevy]( plugin for 3D mouse picking, making it easy to interact
with 3D geometry in Bevy using your mouse. It provides mouse intersection coordinates, a
number of built-in mouse events, highlighting, selection state, and a 3D debug cursor. This plugin
is build on top of [`bevy_mod_raycast`](

**Expect breaking changes in `master` branch - contributions are welcome!**


## Features

* [Pick Data]#getting-pick-data: intersection surface normal and coordinates in world space
* [Mesh Interaction]#interacting-with-meshes: mouseover and mouse click, highlighting, selection state
* [Debug cursor]#debug: debug pick intersections and surface normals with a 3d cursor

## Bevy Version Support

I intend to track the `main` branch of Bevy. PRs supporting this are welcome! 


## Demo

To run a minimal demo of picking features, clone this repository and run:

cargo run --features ex --example 3d_scene 

Note that by default this plugin only depends on bevy's `render` feature to minimize both dependency count and compile time, as well as allow for WASM support. This is why the feature flag is needed to run examples, which need the `winit` and `wgpu` features to run.

# Quickstart

It only takes a few lines to get mouse picking working in your Bevy application using this plugin. The following sections will walk you through what is needed to get the plugin working, and how everything fits together.

1. Add the crate to your dependencies in Cargo.toml
bevy_mod_picking = "0.4"

2. Import the plugin and add it to your Bevy app:
use bevy_mod_picking::*;
// Bevy app stuff here...

3. Mark your camera by adding:

4. Add this bundle to any mesh to make it pickable:

5. (Optional) If you also want highlighting and selection, add these plugins to your app :

And that's it! To learn how to retrieve picking intersections, you can jump to the [Getting Pick
Data](#getting-pick-data) section. If you also need interaction features, e.g. mouse click & mouse
hover events, highlighting, and selection state, continue reading.

# Interacting with Meshes

To get mouseover and mouse click events, as well as built-in highlighting and selection state, you will need to add the `InteractablePickingPlugin` plugin. This is intentionally left optional, in case you only need pick intersection results.


See the [Pick Interactions](#pick-interactions) section for more details on the features this provides.

# Getting Pick Data

Mesh picking intersections are reported in world coordinates. A ray is cast into the scene using the
`PickSource` you provided, and checked for intersections against every mesh that has been marked as
a `PickableMesh`. The results report which entities were intersected, as well as the 3D coordinates
of the corresponding intersection.

To access this data, you can query your picking camera, and use `.intersect_list()` or `.intersect_top()`.

## Pick Interactions

Run the `events` example to see mouseover and mouse click events in action:

cargo run --example events

## Selection State

If you're using the `Selection` component for selection (this is included in the `PickableBundle`), you can access the selection state by querying your selectable entities and accessing the `.selected()` function.

## Highlight Colors

You can change the appearance of highlight/selection/click by accessing the resource and changing
the materials:

// In your system signature:
mut highlight_colors: ResMut<MeshButtonMaterials>,

# Debug Tools

You can enable a debug cursor that will place a sphere at the intersection, with a tail pointing normal to the surface. Just add the `DebugPickingPlugin` to the `App::build()` in your Bevy program:


You can also enable debug output for picking events by adding:


# Bounding Sphere Optimization

This plugin has the ability to accelerate picking with bounding spheres; this can make picking as much as **30 times faster**! This speeds up the picking process by first checking to see if the picking source intersects a mesh's bounding sphere before going through every triangle in the mesh. To enable bounding spheres, you can use the builder pattern to pass a handle to your mesh into the `.with_bounding_sphere()` function:


This will run a system in Bevy to automatically compute the bounding sphere of the supplied mesh.You can see an example of bounding spheres used in the `stress_test` example. Please be aware that the API for this feature is likely to change over coming releases.

# License

This project is licensed under the [MIT license](

## Contribution

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in bevy_mod_picking by you, shall be licensed as MIT, without any additional terms or conditions.