bevy_console 0.2.1

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bevy console

A simple halflife2 style console
uses egui to draw the console

Example image


Add ConsolePlugin and optionally the resource ConsoleConfiguration

fn main() {
        .insert_resource(ConsoleConfiguration {
            // override config here

Create a system to listen to console events

fn listen_to_console_events(
    mut console_events: EventReader<ConsoleCommandEntered>,
) {
    for event in events.iter() {
        // event has 2 fields, commands and args

If you want to send text to the console:

fn write_to_console(
    mut console_line: EventWriter<PrintConsoleLine>,
) {

There's more examples in the examples directory, you'll need to enable the examples feature to run them though

cargo run --example basic_example --features examples


Should work in wasm, but you need to disable default features