bb8-tivk 0.0.99

bb8 adapter for TiKV client

Security audit Code Quality License: MIT

bb8 connection pool for TiKV client

TiKV client support for the bb8 connection pool.


use bb8::Pool;
use bb8_tivk::TiKVRawConnectionManager;

async fn execute() {
    let pd_servers: Vec<String> = vec!["".into()];
    let manager = TiKVRawConnectionManager::new(pd_servers, None).unwrap();
    let pool = Pool::builder().max_size(10).build(manager).await.unwrap();

    let client = pool.get().await.unwrap();
        .put("TEST".to_string(), b"111".to_vec())

For details how to use the client see TiKV client.