azul 0.1.0

Azul GUI is a free, functional, MVVM-oriented GUI framework for rapid development of desktop applications written in Rust, supported by the Mozilla WebRender rendering engine
Build #127777 2018-11-18T21:06:27.206906+00:00
# rustc version
rustc 1.32.0-nightly (6b9b97bd9 2018-11-15)
# version
cratesfyi 0.6.0 (084f762 2018-11-13)

# build log
Updating index
Downloading crates ...
Downloaded azul v0.1.0
Documenting azul v0.1.0
Running `rustdoc --crate-name azul /home/cratesfyi/.cargo/registry/src/ --cap-lints allow --color never -o /home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/doc -Z unstable-options --resource-suffix -20181115-1.32.0-nightly-6b9b97bd9 -L dependency=/home/cratesfyi/cratesfyi/debug/deps`
Finished dev [unoptimized + debuginfo] target(s) in 3.26s