aws-arn 0.1.1

Provides types, builders, and other helpers to manipulate AWS Amazon Resource Name (ARN) strings

Crate aws-arn

Provides types, builders, and other helpers to manipulate AWS Amazon Resource Name (ARN) strings.

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The ARN is a key component of all AWS service APIs and yet nearly all client toolkits treat it simply as a string. While this may be a reasonable and expedient decision, it seems there might be a need to not only ensure correctness of ARNs with validators but also constructors that allow making these strings correclt in the first place.

This crate provides three levels of ARN manipulation, the first is the direct construction of an ARN type (module aws_arn - the core Resource and ARN types).

let arn = ARN {
    partition: Some("aws".to_string(),
    service: "s3".to_string(),
    region: None,
    account: None,
    resource: Resource::Path("".to_string())};

Or, alternatively using FromStr you can parse a string into an ARN.

let arn: ARN = "arn:aws:s3:::mythings/thing-1".parse().expect("didn't look like an ARN");

The next is to use a more readable builder which also allows you to ignore those fields in the ARN you don't always need (module aws_arn::builder - the ResourceBuilder and ArnBuilder types providing a more fluent style of ARN construction).

let arn = ArnBuilder::new("s3")
    .resource(ResourceBuilder::new(&format!("{}/{}", "mythings", "thing-1")).build())

Finally, it is possible to use resource-type specific functions that allow an even more direct and simple construction (module aws_arn::builder::{service} - service builder functions.

let arn = s3::object("mythings", "thing-1");


This crate has attempted to be as lean as possible, with a really minimal set of dependencies, we have include the following as features.

  • serde_support derives Serialize and Deserialize for the ARN and Resource types.
  • ext_validation adds extended, service specific, validation using an external configuration file.


Version 0.1.1

  • Documentation additions and fixes, in both README and Rustdoc.
  • Renamed service builder functions, added a parent/child pattern for s3.
  • Added Serde feature.
  • Made external validation optional.

Version 0.1.0

  • Initial commit.
  • Provides basic ARN type with Display and FromStr.
  • Provides scaffolding for service-specific validation.
  • Provides initial set of service builder, make_{format}, functions for ARN construction.


  • More tests!
  • More service formats for validation.
  • More service builder functions.