aom-decode 0.1.0

Minimal safe wrapper for libaom AV1 decoder

Rust wrapper for AOMedia AV1 decoder

It's a minimal safe wrapper that allows decoding individual AV1 frames. It's meant for decoding AVIF images.


See examples/ for the full code.

You'll need the avif-parse crate to get AV1 data out of an AVIF file, and the yuv crate to convert YUV pixels into RGB.

let avif = avif_parse::read_avif(file)?;

let mut d = Decoder::new(&Config {
    threads: num_cpus::get(),

let img = d.decode_frame(&avif.primary_item)?;
match img.rows_iter()? {
    RowsIters::YuvPlanes8 {y,u,v,chroma_sampling} => {
        match chroma_sampling {
            color::ChromaSampling::Cs444 => {
                yuv_444(y, u, v).map(|px| {
                    // here's your YUV pixel