PMXUtil 0.2.0

A simple pmx loader


A simple PMX loader written in Rust

What can this crate do

  1. Parse PMX 2.0/2.1 _header
  2. Parse PMX 2.0/2.1 Model Info
    • Name
    • English Name
    • Comment
    • English Comment
  3. Parse vertices Information
  4. Parse Material Information
  5. Parse Bone Information
  6. Parse Morph Information


  1. Implement Display trait
  2. Parse RigidBody Information
  3. Parse Joint
  4. Parse SoftBody

How to Use

  1. Import
extern crate PMXUtil;
use PMXUtil::pmx_loader::pmx_loader::PMXLoader;
  1. Create loader instance and read
let mut loader= PMXLoader::open("/path/to/pmxfile");
let header = loader.get_header();
println!("{:#?}", header);
let (model_info, ns) = ModelInfoLoader::read_pmx_model_info(loader);
print!("{:#?}", model_info);
let (vertices, ns) = VerticesLoader::read_pmx_vertices(ns);
print!("{}", vertices);
let (faces, ns) = FacesLoader::read_pmx_faces(ns);
println!("{}", faces);
let (textures, ns) = TexturesLoader::read_texture_list(ns);
println!("{}", textures);
let (materials, ns) = MaterialsLoader::read_pmx_materials(ns);
println!("{:#?}", materials);