GSL 0.4.15

A rust binding for the GSL (the GNU scientific library) failed to build GSL-0.4.15
Please check build logs and if you believe this is' fault, report into this issue report.

rust-GSL Build Status ![Gitter]( Chat.svg)

A Rust binding for the GSL library (the GNU Scientific Library).


This binding requires the GSL library library to be installed.

To build it, please use :

> make

This command build rgsl, the examples and the documentation.

You can build them separatly too.

> make rgsl
> make examples
> make doc

Since this project supports cargo, you can also build it like this :

> cargo build


You can access the rgsl documentation locally, just build it :

> make doc

Then open this file with an internet browser : file:///{rgsl_location}/doc/rgsl/index.html

You can also access the latest build of the documentation via the internet here.


rust-GSL is a wrapper for GSL, therefore inherits the GPL license.