\addtogroup cqdb_reader CQDB Reader API @{

CQDB status codes. \addtogroup cqdb_writer CQDB Writer API @{


< Unspecified error.

< Error in fseek() operations.

< Error in ftell() operations.

< Error in fwrite() operations.

< Invalid parameters.

< String not found.

< An error has occurred.

< Insufficient memory.

< No flag.

< A reverse lookup array is omitted.

CQDB flags. < Success.


Delete the CQDB reader.

Get the number of associations in the database.

Open a new CQDB reader on a memory block.

Retrieve the identifier associated with a string.

Retrieve the string associated with an identifier.

Create a new CQDB writer on a seekable stream.

Close a CQDB writer.

Put a string/identifier association to the database.

Type Definitions