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This crate implements the Covercrypt cryptographic scheme which allows to:

  • encrypt messages for a given set of policy attributes;
  • decrypt messages if the decryptor has been assigned one of these policy attributes;
  • “rotate” policy attributes;
  • “refresh” user keys.

A rotations prevents decryption of pre-rotation ciphertexts by a post-rotation key and decryption of post-rotation ciphertexts by a pre-rotation key. A pre-rotation key can be refreshed to be granted decryption rights for the post-rotation ciphertexts. A post-rotation key cannot be granted decryption rights for the pre-rotation ciphertexts.

Covercrypt encryption offers 128 bits of both pre- and post-quantum security.

The api module exposes the generic definition of Covercrypt.

The interface::statics module exposes instantiates Covercrypt using a DEM scheme build on top of AES256-GCM and a asymmetric key pair built on top of Curve25519.


See examples/runme.rs.



  • This crate defines the Policy logic, the basis for Attribute Based Encryption (ABE).
  • Implements the core functionalities of Covercrypt.