Macro cortex_m_rtfm::peripherals [] [src]

macro_rules! peripherals {
    ($device:ident, {
        $($PERIPHERAL:ident: Peripheral {
            register_block: $RegisterBlock:ident,
            ceiling: $C:ident,
    }) => { ... };

A macro to assign ceilings to peripherals

NOTE A peripheral instance, like RCC, can only be bound to a single ceiling. Trying to use this macro to bind the same peripheral to several ceiling will result in a compiler error.


extern crate cortex_m_rtfm;
// device crate generated using `svd2rust`
extern crate stm32f30x;

peripherals!(stm32f30x, {
    GPIOA: Peripheral {
        register_block: Gpioa,
        ceiling: C1,
    RCC: Peripheral {
        register_block: Rcc,
        ceiling: C0,