[][src]Module core_extensions::phantom_variances

Contains many type aliases for PhantomData with different lifetime variances.

These aliases can be constructed in these ways:

  • PhantomData

  • Variance::<T>::default()

  • value.ty_() constructs VariantPhantom

  • value.ty_d() constructs VariantDropPhantom

  • value.ty_inv() constructs InvariantPhantom

  • value. ty_inv_ref() constructs InvariantRefPhantom

Phantom type lifetime variance type variance

VariantDropPhantom - variant (with drop check) VariantPhantom - variant InvariantRefPhantom invariant - InvariantPhantom - invariant

Type Definitions


Type alias for an invariant PhantomData.


Type alias for an PhantomData with an invariant lifetime.


Type alias for a variant PhantomData with drop check.


Type alias for a variant PhantomData withhout drop-check.