[][src]Trait core_extensions::maybe_unsafe::MaybeUnsafe

pub trait MaybeUnsafe: Sealed {
    unsafe fn with<F, U>(f: F) -> U
        F: FnOnce(&Self) -> U
; }

The trait used to choose whether traits' function/method is safe(using IsSafe) or unsafe(using IsUnsafe) to call.

When passing a MaybeUnsafe as a parameter it is recommended to use an impl AsRef<IsSafe>/impl AsRef<IsUnsafe> parameter for convenience.

This trait has a Sealed super trait to prevent users of this library from implementing it.

For examples of how to use this look at the module-level documentation.

Required methods

unsafe fn with<F, U>(f: F) -> U where
    F: FnOnce(&Self) -> U, 

Constructs a MaybeUnsafe,and passes it by reference to prevent it from escaping this function call.

This is unsafe because it applies to both IsSafe and IsUnsafe.

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impl MaybeUnsafe for IsUnsafe[src]

impl MaybeUnsafe for IsSafe[src]

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