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The BufReader<R, S> struct adds buffering to any reader.

Wraps a writer and buffers its output.

An iterator over u8 values of a reader.

Adaptor to chain together two readers.

A Cursor wraps an in-memory buffer and provides it with a Seek implementation.

The error type for I/O operations of the Read, Write, Seek, and associated traits.

Wraps a writer and buffers output to it, flushing whenever a newline (0x0a, '\n') is detected.

Reader adaptor which limits the bytes read from an underlying reader.


A list specifying general categories of I/O error.

Enumeration of possible methods to seek within an I/O object.


A BufRead is a type of Reader which has an internal buffer, allowing it to perform extra ways of reading.

The Read trait allows for reading bytes from a source.

The Seek trait provides a cursor which can be moved within a stream of bytes.

A trait for objects which are byte-oriented sinks.


Type Definitions

A specialized Result type for I/O operations.