[][src]Macro core_foundation::declare_TCFType

macro_rules! declare_TCFType {
        $ty:ident, $raw:ident
    ) => { ... };

Declare a Rust type that wraps an underlying CoreFoundation type.

This will provide an implementation of Drop using CFRelease. The type must have an implementation of the TCFType trait, usually provided using the impl_TCFType macro.

#[macro_use] extern crate core_foundation;
// Make sure that the `TCFType` trait is in scope.
use core_foundation::base::{CFTypeID, TCFType};

extern "C" {
    // We need a function that returns the `CFTypeID`.
    pub fn ShrubberyGetTypeID() -> CFTypeID;

pub struct __Shrubbery {}
// The ref type must be a pointer to the underlying struct.
pub type ShrubberyRef = *const __Shrubbery;

declare_TCFType!(Shrubbery, ShrubberyRef);
impl_TCFType!(Shrubbery, ShrubberyRef, ShrubberyGetTypeID);