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Cord is a data streaming platform for composing, aggregating and distributing arbitrary streams. It uses a publish-subscribe model that allows multiple publishers to share their streams via a Cord Broker. Subscribers can then compose custom sinks using a regex-like pattern to access realtime data based on their individual requirements.

To interact with a Broker, we use this library:


use cord_client::Client;

let mut conn = Client::connect("".parse().unwrap()).await?;

// Tell the broker we're going to provide the namespace /users

// Start publishing events...
conn.event("/users/mark".into(), "Mark has joined").await?;

Cord CLI

For one-off interactions with a Broker, there is also the Cord CLI, which is available via Cargo:

$ cargo install cord-client
$ cord-client sub /namespaces

For more usage, check the usage guidelines on cord-proj.org.





The ClientConn manages the connection between you and a Cord Broker.


A Subscriber encapsulates a stream of events for a subscribed namespace. It is created by Client::subscribe().

Type Definitions


The Client type alias defines the Sink type for communicating with a Broker.