Crate copy_from_str[][src]

Extension methods for copying strings into a string.

This crate provides copy_from_str function which can be used to mutate Rust strings. It works similarly to copy_from_slice from standard library except it is for strings.


use copy_from_str::CopyFromStrExt;

fn make_ascii_uppercase(mut input: &mut str) {
    let mut buffer = [0; 4];
    while let Some(ch) = input.chars().next() {
        let src = ch.to_ascii_uppercase().encode_utf8(&mut buffer);
        let (to_uppercase, rest) = { input }.split_at_mut(ch.len_utf8());
        input = rest;

let mut str = String::from("Hello, world! 💯");
make_ascii_uppercase(&mut str);
assert_eq!(str, "HELLO, WORLD! 💯");



Extension method for copying a string into another string.