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cooked_waker provides safe traits for working with std::task::Waker and, more importantly, a set of derives for safely converting normal, safe rust types into Waker instances. It cooks RawWaker and RawWakerVTable, making them safe for consumption.

It provides the Wake and WakeRef traits, which correspond to the wake and wake_by_ref methods on std::task::Waker, and it provides implenetations of these types for the common reference & pointer types (Arc, Rc, &'static, etc).

Additionally, it provides IntoWaker, which allows converting any Wake + Clone type into a Waker. This trait is automatically derived for any Wake + Clone + Send + Sync + 'static type.

Basic example

use cooked_waker::{Wake, WakeRef, IntoWaker};
use std::sync::atomic::{AtomicUsize, Ordering};
use std::task::Waker;

static wake_ref_count: AtomicUsize = AtomicUsize::new(0);
static wake_value_count: AtomicUsize = AtomicUsize::new(0);
static drop_count: AtomicUsize = AtomicUsize::new(0);

// A simple Waker struct that atomically increments the relevant static
// counters.
#[derive(Debug, Clone)]
struct StaticWaker;

impl WakeRef for StaticWaker {
    fn wake_by_ref(&self) {
        wake_ref_count.fetch_add(1, Ordering::SeqCst);

impl Wake for StaticWaker {
    fn wake(self) {
        wake_value_count.fetch_add(1, Ordering::SeqCst);

impl Drop for StaticWaker {
    fn drop(&mut self) {
        drop_count.fetch_add(1, Ordering::SeqCst);

assert_eq!(drop_count.load(Ordering::SeqCst), 0);

let waker = StaticWaker;
    let waker1: Waker = waker.into_waker();

    assert_eq!(wake_ref_count.load(Ordering::SeqCst), 1);

    let waker2: Waker = waker1.clone();
    assert_eq!(wake_ref_count.load(Ordering::SeqCst), 2);

    assert_eq!(wake_value_count.load(Ordering::SeqCst), 1);
    assert_eq!(drop_count.load(Ordering::SeqCst), 1);
assert_eq!(drop_count.load(Ordering::SeqCst), 2);

Arc example

use cooked_waker::{Wake, WakeRef, IntoWaker};
use std::sync::atomic::{AtomicUsize, Ordering};
use std::sync::Arc;
use std::task::Waker;

// A simple struct that counts the number of times it is awoken. Can't
// be awoken by value (because that would discard the counter), so we
// must instead wrap it in an Arc.
#[derive(Debug, Default)]
struct Counter {
    // We use atomic usize because we need Send + Sync and also interior
    // mutability
    count: AtomicUsize,

impl Counter {
    fn get(&self) -> usize {

impl WakeRef for Counter {
    fn wake_by_ref(&self) {
        let _prev = self.count.fetch_add(1, Ordering::SeqCst);

let counter_handle = Arc::new(Counter::default());

// Create an std::task::Waker
let waker: Waker = counter_handle.clone().into_waker();


let waker2 = waker.clone();

// This calls Counter::wake_by_ref because the Arc doesn't have exclusive
// ownership of the underlying Counter

assert_eq!(counter_handle.get(), 4);



Objects that can be converted into an Waker. This trait is automatically implemented for any Wake + Clone + Send + Sync + 'static type.


Wakers that can wake by value. This is the primary means of waking a task.


Wakers that can wake by reference. This trait is used to enable a Wake implementation for types that don't own an underlying handle, like Arc<T> and &T.