Trait conv::ConvAsUtil [] [src]

pub trait ConvAsUtil<Dst> {
    fn approx(self) -> Result<Dst, Self::Err>
        Self: Sized + ApproxInto<Dst>
, { ... } fn approx_by<Scheme>(self) -> Result<Dst, Self::Err>
        Self: Sized + ApproxInto<Dst, Scheme>,
        Scheme: ApproxScheme
, { ... } }

This extension trait exists to simplify using various conversions.

If there is more than one ApproxFrom implementation for a given type, a simple call to approx_into may not be uniquely resolvable. Due to the position of the scheme parameter (on the trait itself), it is cumbersome to specify which scheme you wanted.

The destination type is inferred from context.

See also the ConvUtil trait.

Note: There appears to be a bug in rustdoc's output. This trait is implemented for all types, though the methods are only available for types where the appropriate conversions are defined.

Provided Methods

Approximate the subject with the default scheme.

Approximate the subject with a specific scheme.