[][src]Attribute Macro contraband_codegen::controller


Creates a controller.

Syntax: #[controller("path")]


use contraband::{Injectable, controller};
use contraband::core::ContrabandApp;
use actix_web::HttpResponse;

#[derive(Clone, Injectable)]
struct HelloController;

impl HelloController {
    async fn hello_world(self) -> HttpResponse {
        HttpResponse::Ok().body("Hello world!")

When you define an impl-block with a controller-attribute both the block and all methods inside it will be parsed for specific Contraband-attributes. In the example above a get-request is defined on the implemented method, this will automatically register it when connected to a module.

Note: we don't need to import get since it is parsed by the controller-attribute

Impl method attributes

Valid method attributes are:

  • All HTTP request methods (get, post, put, delete, head, connect, options, trace, patch)