[][src]Trait conrod_winit::WinitWindow

pub trait WinitWindow {
    fn get_inner_size(&self) -> Option<(u32, u32)>;
fn hidpi_factor(&self) -> f32; }

Types that have access to a winit::Window and can provide the necessary dimensions and hidpi factor for converting winit::Events to conrod::event::Input, as well as set the mouse cursor.

This allows users to pass references to window types like glium::Display, glium::glutin::Window or winit::Window

Required methods

fn get_inner_size(&self) -> Option<(u32, u32)>

Return the inner size of the window in logical pixels.

fn hidpi_factor(&self) -> f32

Return the window's DPI factor so that we can convert from pixel values to scalar values.

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