[][src]Struct conrod_vulkano::DrawCommand

pub struct DrawCommand {
    pub graphics_pipeline: Arc<dyn GraphicsPipelineAbstract + Send + Sync>,
    pub dynamic_state: DynamicState,
    pub descriptor_set: Arc<dyn DescriptorSet + Send + Sync>,
    pub vertex_buffer: Arc<ImmutableBuffer<[Vertex]>>,

A draw command that maps directly to the AutoCommandBufferBuilder::draw method. By returning DrawCommands, we can avoid consuming the entire AutoCommandBufferBuilder itself which might not always be available from APIs that wrap Vulkan.


graphics_pipeline: Arc<dyn GraphicsPipelineAbstract + Send + Sync>dynamic_state: DynamicStatedescriptor_set: Arc<dyn DescriptorSet + Send + Sync>vertex_buffer: Arc<ImmutableBuffer<[Vertex]>>

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