Struct conrod::widget::CommonBuilder[][src]

pub struct CommonBuilder {
    pub style: CommonStyle,
    pub maybe_parent_id: MaybeParent,
    pub is_floating: bool,
    pub crop_kids: bool,
    pub maybe_x_scroll: Option<Scroll>,
    pub maybe_y_scroll: Option<Scroll>,
    pub place_on_kid_area: bool,
    pub maybe_graphics_for: Option<Id>,

A struct containing builder data common to all Widget types.

This type also allows us to do a blanket impl of Positionable and Sizeable for T: Widget.

When Rust gets some sort of field inheritance feature, this will most likely be refactored to take advantage of that.


Styling and positioning data that is common between all widget types.

The parent widget of the Widget.

Whether or not the Widget is a "floating" Widget.

Whether or not the children of this Widget should be cropped to its kid_area.

By default, the kid_area is the size of the entire widget, though it may be specified otherwise via the Widget::kid_area method.

Arguments to the scrolling of the widget's x axis.

Arguments to the scrolling of the widget's y axis.

Whether or not the Widget should be placed on the kid_area.

If true, the Widget will be placed on the kid_area of the parent Widget if the Widget is given a Place variant for its Position.

If false, the Widget will be placed on the parent Widget's total area.

Describes whether or not the Widget is instantiated as a graphical element for some other Widget.

When adding an edge a -> b where b is considered to be a graphical element of a, several things are implied about b:

  • If b is picked within either Graph::pick_widget or Graph::pick_top_scrollable_widget, it will instead return the index for a.
  • When determining the Graph::scroll_offset for b, a's scrolling (if it is scrollable, that is) will be skipped.
  • b will always be placed upon a's total area, rather than its kid_area which is the default.
  • Any Graphic child of b will be considered as a Graphic child of a.

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