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The Conrod Guide

Table of Contents

  1. What is Conrod?
  2. Getting Started
  3. Let's Create a GUI
    • Setup a Basic Window (using piston_window)
    • Conrod Setup
    • Instantiating Widgets
    • Widget Positioning and Layout
  4. Using and Customising Themes
    • What is a Theme?
    • Custom Themes
    • Serializing Themes
  5. Designing Custom Widgets (using the Widget trait)
    • The Widget trait
    • The widget_style! macro
    • The builder_methods! macro
    • Making a Button widget
  6. Custom Graphics and Window Backends
    • Demonstration of Backend Implementation (using glium and glutin)
  7. Internals
    • The Ui's Widget Graph
    • Ui::set_widgets - How does it work?
  8. FAQ



What is Conrod?


Getting Started