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Library crate implmenting a backend for Conway’s Game of Life (See's_Game_of_Life). The backend is simple and provides a pre-defined width/height grid, i.e. it does not expand. This crate does not implmement a frontend to actually display the grid, you will have to use a separate crate for that or write your own.

Usage example

use conlife::{Grid, Object};

let mut grid = Grid::new(16, 16);
let glider = Object::from_string("(0,2) (1,2) (2,2) (1,0) (2,1)").unwrap();
// Load glider at (0,0)
grid.load_object(&glider, (0,0));
// advance by 10 generations
for _ in 0..10 {

/* More code here to e.g. display the grid using a frontend */


pub use grid::*;
pub use object::*;


Module exposing the API for creating and interacting with a grid of cells.
Module exposing the API for creating custom objects or starting configurations that can be loaded onto a grid.