[][src]Struct conjure_runtime_config::ServiceConfig

pub struct ServiceConfig { /* fields omitted */ }

The configuration for an individual service.


impl ServiceConfig[src]

pub fn builder() -> ServiceConfigBuilder[src]

Returns a new builder.

pub fn uris(&self) -> &[Url][src]

Returns the URIs of the service's nodes.

Defaults to an empty list.

pub fn security(&self) -> &SecurityConfig[src]

Returns the service's security configuration.

pub fn connect_timeout(&self) -> Duration[src]

Returns the timeout used when connecting to the nodes of a service.

Defaults to 10 seconds.

pub fn request_timeout(&self) -> Duration[src]

Returns the overall request timeout used when making a request to the service.

The timeout is applied from when the request is first started to when the headers of a successful response are returned.

Defaults to 5 minutes.

pub fn max_num_retries(&self) -> u32[src]

Returns the number of times the client will retry a request after failed attempts before giving up.

Defaults to 3.

pub fn backoff_slot_size(&self) -> Duration[src]

Returns the base time of the exponential backoff algorithm applied between attempts.

Defaults to 250 milliseconds.

pub fn failed_url_cooldown(&self) -> Duration[src]

Returns the amount of time a node of a service is blacklisted after a failed request.

While blacklisted, a node will not be used for requests unless no other node is available.

Defaults to 250 milliseconds.

pub fn proxy(&self) -> &ProxyConfig[src]

Returns the proxy configuration used to communicate with the service.

Defaults to "direct" (i.e. no proxy).

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for ServiceConfig[src]

impl Debug for ServiceConfig[src]

impl Default for ServiceConfig[src]

impl From<ServiceConfig> for ServiceConfigBuilder[src]

impl PartialEq<ServiceConfig> for ServiceConfig[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for ServiceConfig[src]

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