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Provide a .diag() function for diagnostic output if requested.

The ConfigDiag trait may be used to decorate an object that stores some kind of configuration information. It adds a diag method that checks whether verbose output has been requested and, if so, displays a message to the standard error stream. If the diag_to_stderr method is overridden and it returns false, any diagnostic messages selected for display are sent to the standard output stream instead.


use config_diag::ConfigDiag;

struct Config {
    verbose: bool,

impl ConfigDiag for Config {
    fn diag_is_verbose(&self) -> bool {

let config = Config { verbose: true };
config.diag(|| format!("Something happened: {}", event));
config.diag_("Got here!");


Provide a .diag() function for verbose output if requested. Useful for decorating configuration-like classes.