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Welcome the the concrete-integer documentation!


This library makes it possible to execute modular operations over encrypted integer.

It allows to execute an integer circuit on an untrusted server because both circuit inputs outputs are kept private.

Data are encrypted on the client side, before being sent to the server. On the server side every computation is performed on ciphertexts

Quick Example

The following piece of code shows how to generate keys and run a integer circuit homomorphically.

use concrete_integer::gen_keys;
use concrete_shortint::parameters::PARAM_MESSAGE_2_CARRY_2;

//4 blocks for the radix decomposition
let number_of_blocks = 4;
// Modulus = (2^2)*4 = 2^8 (from the parameters chosen and the number of blocks
let modulus = 1 << 8;

// Generation of the client/server keys, using the default parameters:
let (mut client_key, mut server_key) = gen_keys(&PARAM_MESSAGE_2_CARRY_2, number_of_blocks);

let msg1 = 153;
let msg2 = 125;

// Encryption of two messages using the client key:
let ct_1 = client_key.encrypt(msg1);
let ct_2 = client_key.encrypt(msg2);

// Homomorphic evaluation of an integer circuit (here, an addition) using the server key:
let ct_3 = server_key.unchecked_add(&ct_1, &ct_2);

// Decryption of the ciphertext using the client key:
let output = client_key.decrypt(&ct_3);
assert_eq!(output, (msg1 + msg2) % modulus);


This uses cryptographic parameters from the concrete-shortint crates. Currently, the radix approach is only compatible with parameter sets such that the message and carry buffers have the same size.


pub use ciphertext::Ciphertext;
pub use client_key::ClientKey;
pub use server_key::ServerKey;


This module implements the ciphertext structure containing an encryption of an integer message.

This module implements the generation of the client secret keys, together with the encryption and decryption methods.

Module with the definition of the ServerKey.

Module with the definition of the WopbsKey (WithOut padding PBS Key).


Error returned when the carry buffer is full.


Generate a couple of client and server keys with given parameters