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Concread - Concurrently Readable Datastructures

Concurrently readable is often referred to as Copy-On-Write, Multi-Version-Concurrency-Control.

These structures allow multiple readers with transactions to proceed while single writers can operate. A reader is guaranteed the content will remain the same for the duration of the read, and readers do not block writers. Writers are serialised, just like a mutex.

You can use these in place of a RwLock, and will likely see improvements in parallel throughput.

The best use is in place of mutex/rwlock, where the reader exists for a non-trivial amount of time.

For example, if you have a RwLock where the lock is taken, data changed or read, and dropped immediately, this probably won't help you.

However, if you have a RwLock where you hold the read lock for any amount of time, writers will begin to stall - or inversely, the writer will cause readers to block and wait as the writer proceeds.

In the future, a concurrent BTree and HashTree will be added, that can be used inplace of a RwLock<BTreeMap> or RwLock<HashMap>. Stay tuned!


pub use cowcell::CowCell;
pub use ebrcell::EbrCell;



ARCache - A concurrently readable adaptive replacement cache.


See the documentation for BptreeMap


CowCell - A concurrently readable cell with Arc


EbrCell - A concurrently readable cell with Ebr


HashMap - A concurrently readable HashMap