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Completable Future

Similar to Java's CompletableFuture, this crate provides a simple future that can be completed and properly notified from elsewhere other than the executor of the future. It is sutable for some blocking tasks that could block the executor if we use a future directly in an executor.

A CompletableFuture is still a future and has all the combinators that you can use to chain logic working on the result or the error. Also, unlike Java and inherited from Rust's poll model future, some executor needs to execute the CompletableFuture in order to get the result; the thread or code that completes (or errors) the future will not execute the logic chained after the future.

The CompletableFuture uses Arc and Mutex to synchronize poll and completion, so there's overhead for using it.


extern crate futures;
extern crate completable_future;
use futures::prelude::*;
use futures::executor::block_on;
use std::thread::spawn;
use std::thread::sleep;
use std::time::Duration;
use completable_future::CompletableFuture;
fn main() {
    let fut1 = CompletableFuture::<String, ()>::new();
    // we will give the signal to some worker for it to complete
    let mut signal = fut1.signal(); 
    let fut2 = fut1.and_then(|s| {
        // this will come from whoever completes the future
        println!("in fut2: {}", s);
        Ok("this comes from fut2".to_string())
    let j = spawn(move || {
        println!("waiter thread: I'm going to block on fut2");
        let ret = block_on(fut2).unwrap();
        println!("waiter thread: fut2 completed with message -- {}", ret);
    spawn(move || {
        println!("worker thread: going to block for 1000 ms");
        signal.complete("this comes from fut1".to_string());
        println!("worker thread: completed fut1");



A CompletableFuture is a future that you can expect a result (or error) from and chain logic on. You will need some executor to actively poll the result. Executors provided by the futures crate are usually good enough for common situations.


A handle to the future state. When you create a completable future, you should also create a signal that somebody can use to complete the future.