[][src]Crate commodity

A library with primatives representing commodities/money.

Optional Features

The commodity package has the following optional cargo features:

  • serde-support
    • Disabled by default
    • Enables support for serialization/de-serialization via serde


This library revolves around the Commodity struct, which stores a value using rust_decimal::Decimal, and a CommodityTypeID which denotes the type of commodity. Commodities with different currencies cannot interact with mathematical operations such as add, sub, etc, this is checked at runtime.

CommodityTypeID designed to be used directly when when working with commodities, it is backed by a small fixed size array which supports the Copy trait, hopefully making it easier fast, lock-free concurrent code that deals with commodities.

CommodityType is designed to store useful user-facing information about the currency being referenced by the CommodityTypeID, such as its full name/description.

use commodity::{Commodity, CommodityType, CommodityTypeID};
use rust_decimal::Decimal;
use std::str::FromStr;

// Create a currency from its iso4317 three character code.
// The currency stores information associated with the currency,
// such as the full name ("United States dollar" for this one).
let usd = CommodityType::from_currency_alpha3("USD").unwrap();

// Create a commodity with a value of "2.02 USD"
let commodity1 = Commodity::new(Decimal::from_str("2.02").unwrap(), &usd);

// Create commodities using the `from_str` method
let commodity2 = Commodity::from_str("24.00 USD").unwrap();

// Create commodity using a CommodityTypeID
let nzd_code = CommodityTypeID::from_str("NZD").unwrap();
let commodity3 = Commodity::new(Decimal::from_str("24.00").unwrap(), nzd_code);

// Add two compatible (same currency) commodities, the result has
// the same currency (in this case, "USD").
let commodity4 = commodity1.add(&commodity2).unwrap();

// Try to subtract two incompatible commodities
let result = commodity3.sub(&commodity2);



Types and utilities relating to exchange rates and conversions between different types of commodities.



A commodity, which holds a value with an associated CommodityType


Represents a type of Commodity.


The id of a CommodityType stored in a fixed length array using ArrayString, with a maximum length of COMMODITY_TYPE_ID_LENGTH.



An error associated with functionality in the commodity module.



The length of the CommodityTypeIDArray type, used to store the id for a given CommodityType in CommodityTypeID.