[][src]Function combine::parser::repeat::skip_until

pub fn skip_until<Input, P>(end: P) -> SkipUntil<Input, P> where
    <Input as StreamOnce>::Error: ParseError<<Input as StreamOnce>::Token, <Input as StreamOnce>::Range, <Input as StreamOnce>::Position>,
    Input: Stream,
    P: Parser<Input>, 

Skips input until end is encountered or end indicates that it has committed input before failing (attempt can be used to make it look like it has not committed any input)

    let mut char_parser = skip_until(char::digit());
    assert_eq!(char_parser.parse("abc123"), Ok(((), "123")));

    let mut byte_parser = skip_until(byte::bytes(&b"TAG"[..]));
    assert_eq!(byte_parser.parse(&b"123TAG"[..]), Ok(((), &b"TAG"[..])));

    // `attempt` must be used if the `end` should be consume input before failing
    let mut byte_parser = skip_until(attempt(byte::bytes(&b"TAG"[..])));
    assert_eq!(byte_parser.parse(&b"123TATAG"[..]), Ok(((), &b"TAG"[..])));