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Color crate

This color_processing crate contains functions/methods to handle color values, like converting a rgb color to another colorspace (cmyk, hsl, hwb, ...), parse different kinds of color-strings or modifying colors (inverting, grayscale, colorize, ...).

It's not intended for image manipulation, just for parsing and processing single colors.


use color_processing::Color;
let red = Color::new_rgb(255, 0, 0);
assert_eq!(255, red.red);
assert_eq!(0, red.green);
assert_eq!(0, red.blue);
let grayscaled_red = red.grayscale();
assert_eq!(76, grayscaled_red.red);
assert_eq!(76, grayscaled_red.green);
assert_eq!(76, grayscaled_red.blue);
assert_eq!("#4C4C4C", grayscaled_red.to_hex_string());
assert_eq!("rgb(76, 76, 76)", grayscaled_red.to_rgb_string());
assert_eq!("cmyk(0%, 0%, 0%, 70.2%)", grayscaled_red.to_cmyk_string());
assert_eq!("hsl(0, 0%, 29.8%)", grayscaled_red.to_hsl_string());
// for colorizing:
let colorized_blue = grayscaled_red.colorize_string("blue").unwrap();
assert_eq!("rgb(0, 0, 76)", colorized_blue.to_rgb_string());
// To get the raw values of a specific colorspace:
// The ranges go from 0.0 (0%) to 1.0 (100%).
let raw_rgba = red.get_rgba();
assert_eq!(1.0, raw_rgba.0); // red value
assert_eq!(0.0, raw_rgba.1); // green value
assert_eq!(0.0, raw_rgba.2); // blue value
assert_eq!(1.0, raw_rgba.3); // alpha value
let raw_cmyk = red.get_cmyk();
assert_eq!(0.0, raw_cmyk.0); // cyan value
assert_eq!(1.0, raw_cmyk.1); // magenta value
assert_eq!(1.0, raw_cmyk.2); // yellow value
assert_eq!(0.0, raw_cmyk.3); // key (black) value
// several ways of parsing strings is also possible:
let green = Color::new_string("green").unwrap();
let blue = Color::new_string("rgb(0, 0, 255)").unwrap();
let cyan = Color::new_string("cmyk(100%, 0%, 0%, 0%)").unwrap();
let yellow: Color = "yellow".parse().unwrap();
let magenta = "yellow".parse::<Color>().unwrap();

Now, you should have a notion of what this library can do and if it is the right thing for you!

For all the available functionality, please lookout for the Color-struct.