[][src]Crate color_counter

The color counter crate is a CLI tool to open an image and count it's pixel colors and divide this count by color region.

The Space is the color space in its entirety, the Region is a piece of the color space.

There is also a constants module, to define the boundaries of the color space, this is used to divide the color space and put every color on its 'bucket'.


pub use color_processing;
pub use image;



This module define some useful constants.


Prelude module with usable reexports and common modules.


The region is a fraction of the color space, designed as a bucket to segregate colors into different groups.


The Space is the color space itself, containing many colors in their respective regions, the space is responsible for holding and sorting this data so that frequent colors are easy to extract.



Read an byte array of a image file and store all pixels in a Vec as Color's.