Trait collide::Collider[][src]

pub trait Collider<Other = Self> {
    type Vector: VectorSpace;
    fn collision_info(
        other: &Other
    ) -> Option<CollisionInfo<Self::Vector>>; fn check_collision(&self, other: &Other) -> bool { ... } }
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The collider trait, all colliders need to implement.

Associated Types

type Vector: VectorSpace[src]

The vector type of this collider.

Required methods

fn collision_info(&self, other: &Other) -> Option<CollisionInfo<Self::Vector>>[src]

If both colliders collide, returns some collision info, else returns none.

Provided methods

fn check_collision(&self, other: &Other) -> bool[src]

Checks the collision between two colliders. Defaults to a check of the return value of collision info.