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Collectables: Rust crate of collections helpers

This collectables Rust crate provides helpers for BTreeMap, BTreeSet, HashMapSet, etc. By

This crate provides two general-purpose collections helpers:

  • BTreeMapToSet<K, V> is based on BTreeMap<K, BTreeSet>

  • HashMapToSet<K, V> is based on HashMap<K, HashSet>

This crate provides two specific-purpose collections helpers:

  • BTreeMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBuf is based on BTreeMap<u64, BTreeSet>

  • HashMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBuf is based on HashMap<u64, HashSet>

Example HashMapToSet

Example HashMapSet in order to map a word to a set of other words:

// Use this crate
use collectables::*;
// Create an empty hash map, where each vaue is a hash set.
let mut a: HashMapToSet<String, String> = HashMapToSet::new();
/// Create some example strings
let hello   = String::from("hello");   // English example
let ninhao  = String::from("nǐn hǎo"); // Chinese example
let hola    = String::from("hola");    // Spanish example
// Insert items, such as mapping the word "hello" to various tranlations.
// The first parameter is a map key; the second parameter is a set item.
a.sub_insert(hello.to_string(), ninhao.to_string());
a.sub_insert(hello.to_string(), hola.to_string());
// Does the collection contain a word map key to a word set item?
assert_eq!(a.sub_contains(&hello, &ninhao), true);
// Remove an item from the map key set.
a.sub_remove(&hello, &ninhao);

// These collections helpers are implemented as trait extensions,
// thus all HashMap functions and HashSet functions are available,
// and can be intermixed with the HashMapSet trait extensions.
assert_eq!(a.get(&hello).unwrap().contains(&hola), true);

Example HashMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBuf

Example HashMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBuf in order to map a file length to a set of path buffers:

// Use this crate
use collectables::*;
// Create a path to an existing file 
let alpha = std::path::PathBuf::from("alpha.txt");
// Create a collection to map the file length to a set of path buffers.
let mut a: HashMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBuf = HashMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBuf::new();
// Insert the path, which uses the path metadata file length as a map key.
// Does the collection contain a path?
assert_eq!(a.sub_contains_path(&alpha), true);
// Remove the path, which uses the path metadata file length as a map key.


Contact: Joel Parker Henderson

License: MIT or Apache-2.0 or GPL-2.0-only


pub use self::btree_map_to_set::BTreeMapToSet;
pub use self::btree_map_to_set::BTreeMapToSetExt;
pub use self::btree_map_of_file_len_to_set_of_path_buf::BTreeMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBuf;
pub use self::btree_map_of_file_len_to_set_of_path_buf::BTreeMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBufExt;
pub use self::hash_map_to_set::HashMapToSet;
pub use self::hash_map_to_set::HashMapToSetExt;
pub use self::hash_map_of_file_len_to_set_of_path_buf::HashMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBuf;
pub use self::hash_map_of_file_len_to_set_of_path_buf::HashMapOfFileLenToSetOfPathBufExt;