[][src]Trait coffee::ui::core::Renderer

pub trait Renderer {
    type Configuration: Default;
    fn load(config: Self::Configuration) -> Task<Self>
        Self: Sized
fn explain(&mut self, layout: &Layout, color: Color);
fn flush(&mut self, frame: &mut Frame); }

The renderer of a user interface.

The implementor of this trait will also need to implement the Renderer trait of the widgets you want to use.

Associated Types

type Configuration: Default

The configuration of the renderer.

It has to implement the Default trait.

This type allows you to provide a way for your users to customize the renderer. For example, you could make the default text color and size of your configurable, support different fonts, etc.

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Required methods

fn load(config: Self::Configuration) -> Task<Self> where
    Self: Sized

Loads the renderer with the given configuration.

fn explain(&mut self, layout: &Layout, color: Color)

Explains the Layout of an Element for debugging purposes.

This will be called when Element::explain has been used. It should explain the Layout graphically.

fn flush(&mut self, frame: &mut Frame)

Flushes the renderer to draw on the given Frame.

This method will be called by the runtime after calling Widget::draw for all the widgets of the user interface.

The recommended strategy to implement a Renderer is to use Batch and call Batch::draw here.

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impl Renderer for Renderer[src]

type Configuration = Configuration

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