[][src]Crate code_location

A library to automatically acquire a code location in a rust source code file.

The library provides the code_location!() macro. The macro expands to the CodeLocation struct by combining the standard file!(), line!() and column!() macros.


use code_location::code_location;

println!("I am printing from {}", code_location!());
assert_eq!(code_location!().to_string(), "src/lib.rs:7:12");
use code_location::{code_location, CodeLocation};

let code_location: CodeLocation = code_location!();
assert_eq!(code_location.file, "src/lib.rs");
assert_eq!(code_location.line, 6);
assert_eq!(code_location.column, 35);

serde serialization and deserialization support

serde support can be enabled with the "serde" feature.


code_location does not depend on the standard library.



Expands to the CodeLocation on which it was invoked.



A CodeLocation type to represent a certain point in a source code text file.