Function cnetworks::bfs[][src]

pub fn bfs(
    net: &Network,
    root: usize,
    target: usize
) -> Result<Option<HashSet<usize>>, String>

Perform a breadth-first search over the network, starting with root and looking for target. Return a HashSet of all nodes discovered in the process or None if the path is not found. Returns Err if the root or target nodes do not exist. Panics if the network is corrupted or when the queue operations fail.


let net = Network::new(100, NetworkModel::ER { p: 0.05, whole: false });
println!("{:?}\n", net);
match bfs(&net, 1, 3) {
    Some(n) => println!("Found 3 after discovering {:?}", n),
    None => println!("No path to 3 found!"),